Kenyan Children of Destiny

Kenyan Children of Destiny is a program that helps needy children in Kenya. The program provides school uniforms, tuition, and school supplies to needy children in elementary, high school, and colleges. In Kenya, many young people fail to go to school or complete their education due to lack of school uniforms and tuition. Since many of the parents depend on farming in order to educate their children, sometimes it is very difficult to raise money to take their children to school due to unfavorable climate which contributes to harvest reduction or crop failure. At the moment, we are raising funds to buy school uniforms, supplies, and pay tuition for 20 needy children in Kenya. With your gift, we can give hope to precious children, one child at a time.

Your gift can help to educate a child in Kenya in the following ways:

$25.00- buys shoes and socks

$50.00-buys a school bag, pens, and note books

$75.00-buys a skirt/pant, sweater, shoes, socks, and blouse or shirt

$150.00- pays tuition for a full semester