“I greatly appreciate Hope Training Institute for equipping me with computer knowledge. I was computer illiterate but the eight weeks has given me a lot of confidence and hope for a better life in America. My instructors were always encouraging and motivating. I would recommend people without computer Knowledge to take classes at Hope Training Institute.”
“Before I enrolled for computer classes at Hope Training Institute, I did not know how to use Excel and PowerPoint. After eight weeks, I can use Excel and Power Point very well. I appreciate my instructors for equipping me with computer skills.”
“ I got my computer education at Hope Training Institute. I liked the environment of teaching computer courses in simple way to refugees and immigrants. I enjoyed every class and I learned a lot from my instructors. I thank Hope of Life International Ministries for serving new arrivals in United States.”
“ The computer training was fantastic! We had exciting and great instructors who know Microsoft office Professional very well. They answered all our questions professionally. It perfectly met my needs and I can now move forward to enhance my job.”
“The skills that I received from Hope Training Institute were hands-on education that prepared me for my career. It increased my opportunities for success.”
“The computer training that I received from Hope Training Institute has helped me with my school projects especially when I need to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also, I have been able to type faster after learning the typing skills.”
“The computer training helped me to improve my computer skills which I apply everyday in my school work and my life when using technology. I thank Hope of Life International Ministries for equipping students like me.”
“I thank God for the training I received at Hope Training Institute. It has helped me in the areas of Typing, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As a result of this training, I am able to help my husband’s ministry, the church, and teaching other people who don’t know how to use computers. I really appreciate Hope of Life International Ministries for serving God’s people.”
“My name is Diana Cyuzuzo and I was a student at Hope Training Institute. The computer training has helped me a lot and has made me a better person when it comes to computer skills. For example, I have managed to work using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. This has helped me with school work and other projects that need computer skills. This program has made me to like computers and I have decided to take more advanced classes in High school. May God bless Hope of Life International Ministries for equipping me with computer knowledge that I did not have before.”
“I had studied Microsoft Office many years ago and I needed the business features of Excel and PowerPoint. I had just started my own business and realized I had forgotten what I had learnt. I found myself unable to prepare simple presentations or tabulate simple charts. I needed a refresher course. I called universities and colleges around my area for continuing education but they were not only expensive but could take a long time than I was willing to wait. Then, I decided to re-teach myself but I did not find it easy. When I was away on a trip, I got a call from a friend who told me about computer courses offered by Hope Training Institute. I thank God for answering my prayers because after enrolling for the training, it fitted my needs. In just few weeks, I was back to business.”
“My name is Henry Mburu from Kenya. I’m a student at Grace Bible College and I’m pursuing a Diploma in Theology. .I tried many years to attain college education but it was in vain due to financial constraints. In 2021, I applied for financial support from Hope of Life International Ministries to assist me to join college. By God’s grace, my application was accepted. At the moment, I have completed my first year of study. The ministry paid for my school fees, boarding, and other amenities . Sincerely, without the financial support from Hope of Life, I could not be able to start and complete the first year of study. Now I see my vision prevailing through this training and I'm glad and humbled. May God bless Hope of Life International .Ministries.”
“As a high school student, I was struggling to afford the cost of education because I come from a low-income family. Without financial support from Hope of Life International Ministries, I could not have completed my High School education. After I graduated from High School, Hope of Life paid for my computer training and I was able to get a job. I am now on the path to achieving my goals and creating a better future for myself and my family. I am forever grateful to Hope of Life for their support and for giving me the opportunity to succeed. I highly recommend this organization to anyone in need of educational support. Their generosity and commitment to help students in need is truly inspiring.”
“When I joined high school, I did not have the financial capability to pay for my school fees because my family was poor and could not afford to cater for it. Just when I thought I would not be able to continue with my education; Hope of Life International Ministries came to my aid. The ministry paid for my school fees and school supplies and I was able to complete my high school education. Also, the ministry helped me to get a computer that has helped me to secure my dream online job and I’m on my way to a bright future. Hope of Life is the best and may God continue to bless that ministry.”
“Since I come from a poor family, I could not afford to pay for my high school education but Hope of Life helped me to pay for the school fees, school uniform, and school supplies. I’m taking my form four examination now and I’m very grateful to Hope of Life for supporting me and giving me hope.”