Our Programs

Hope Training Institute

Computer skills are very important in this new era. In order to be able to perform the job efficiently, employees use computers in their daily activities. To bridge the gap between digital divide, Hope of Life International equips low income families with computer and job readiness skills in order to be competitive in the job market. Through Hope Training Institute, the agency provides the following training: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Typing, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Internet Job Search, and Preparation for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Great Physician Health Program

Hope of Life helps the communities get connected to healthcare providers and resources. The organization trains community leaders as Health Promoters to educate their communities about disease prevention and where to go for health check-up, treatment, and immunizations.

In addition, Hope of Life partners with schools, colleges, and universities to educate students about HIV/AIDS prevention, danger of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs consumption. 

Hope of Life is always in need of volunteer doctors and nurses who are interested in partnering with us for summer medical missions to Kenya.  If interested, kindly contact us for future mission opportunities.

Kenyan Children of Destiny

Kenyan Children of Destiny is a program that helps needy children in Kenya. The program provides school uniforms, tuition, and school supplies to needy children in elementary, high school, and colleges. In Kenya, many young people fail to go to school or complete their education due to lack of school uniforms and tuition. Since many of the parents depend on farming in order to educate their children, sometimes it is very difficult to raise money to take their children to school due to unfavorable climate which contributes to harvest reduction or crop failure. At the moment, we are raising funds to buy school uniforms, supplies, and pay tuition for 20 needy children in Kenya. With your gift, we can give hope to precious children, one child at a time.

Your gift can help to educate a child in Kenya in the following ways:

$25.00- buys shoes and socks

$50.00-buys a school bag, pens, and note books

$75.00-buys a skirt/pant, sweater, shoes, socks, and blouse or shirt

$150.00- pays tuition for a full semester

Kingdom Daughters Worldwide

Kingdom Daughters Worldwide is a women program that empowers and encourages women of all ages to be active and dependable Christians and leaders in their communities. The program helps women and girls by:

Empowering and equipping women spiritually through the word of God

Provide counseling and encouragement to women that are going through crisis in life

Provide training about health, marriage, parenting, career choice, etc

Mentor girls about general life and how to live Godly lives

Encouraging and supporting Minister's wives through prayers and moral support

Coordinate with other non-profits and government agencies to provide spiritual and moral support to women and girls.

Kenyan Women of Hope

Kenyan Women of Hope is a program that trains women and girls on how to start and manage small businesses depending on their talents and gifts. After assessment of the program participants, the participants are provided with seed money as start-up capital depending with their area of business interest.  For those interested in exploring small businesses in textile industry, the students are trained how to design, create, market, and distribute clothes and other textile products to customers in order to be self - sufficient. After completing the training, students are provided with a sewing machine, and seed money to purchase fabric and other supplies